The Charm of the Birthstone

It is undeniable, the birth of your furry hero was a significant event—and through the power of birthstones it is made all the more meaningful. Each month is represented by its own gemstone, and each stone has its own unique colour, energy and lore.



One of the most colourful and radiant stones on Earth, this dark red beauty is believed to protect you from harm and promote health and vitality. Garnet represents prosperity, gratitude and a strong commitment of love. This powerful and fiery red crystal of passion was very popular with the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.



Pale lavender to deep violet in colour, amethyst symbolises wisdom, stability and strength. Amethyst is believed to protect from all types of harm, possess holistic healing properties and bestow tranquility and calm onto its wearer. This purple wonder stretches back to ancient Greece, where it was used to counteract the intoxication of alcohol. More recently, amethyst has become a popular choice among the jewellery collections of the royal families of Europe and Asia.



Rarely appearing in nature, this gently-coloured stone evokes images of wind, sky and water. It symbolises tranquility, calm and personal connections, bringing harmony and happiness to its wearer. Thought to bestow mental prowess and focus, it is used for meditation practices in many cultures.



Often referred to as the ‘milk crystal’ after its smooth white appearance, white quartz is thought to absorb negative and disease-causing energies. So powerful is this stone, it is considered one of the most effective healing stones in the world. Proud to be opaque, this pure white symbol of spiritual healing is obviously different in its appearance to other gems.



This magnificent deep green gem has captured hearts and minds for millennia. Cleopatra was no exception, often featuring emeralds in her show-stopping collection of bedazzling jewellery. Emerald symbolises faithfulness, loyalty and companionship. Though, legend suggests, emerald gifts its wearer with greater intelligence and powers to see into the future.



Deeply connected to our own moon, this silvery-white beauty radiates a soft lunar glow. One of the more spiritual stones, it is believed the white moonstone enhances psychic abilities. It stimulates intuition, compassion and empathy, and helps to balance emotions and stress. When full, our moon’s energy will give this stone greater power.



Nothing quite catches the eye like this deep red marvel. Across time and cultures, the ruby has been associated with our life source—blood. A symbol of love, passion and youth, some believe it has the power to cure inflammatory diseases. Others say it soothes anger and predicts danger. In lore, a ruby will bring you health, wealth and great success in love.



Otherwise known as ‘the stone of compassion’, this yellow-green gem evokes calm in its wearer. Its powers increase strength and vitality, and protect from negative emotions and anxiety—particularly when worn as a pendant or necklace. Today, peridot is one of the most popular healing stones, used to balance emotions and mind, while bringing peace, good health and restful sleep.



This wondrous royal blue gemstone radiates great power and historical significance. It is believed the gift of a sapphire to a loved one can protect them from all kinds of harm. Said to bestow wisdom and mental focus, sapphire is also associated with purity, love, loyalty and trust. For centuries, royal families around the world have adorned their jewellery and robes with sapphires—the most famous of all now sitting on the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge.



Appearing naturally in varying colour and opacity, tourmaline has dazzled and confused many for millennia with its similarity to rubies. The soft colour of pink tourmaline represents humanitarianism, self-love and sympathy towards others. It soothes energies of anger or resentment, bringing its wearer joy and compassion, and helps heal any matters of the heart.



Citrine has a distinguishable yellow-orange colour, sometimes described as warm honey. It is said to hold the power of the sun—bringing calm, comfort and energy to its wearer. A true trend-setter from a thousand years’ past, its natural warm hue won the hearts and minds of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, it is back in high demand in the rise of earth-tone fashions.



This gemstone’s naturally vivid, rich blue hue is considered one of the most desirable colours on the planet. It carries energies of romance, friendship and loyalty, and symbolises feelings of honesty and deep emotional attachment. The gift of a swiss blue topaz signifies an intention to form, or an appreciation for, a strong loving bond between two individuals.

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