Our Story

We’re redefining the love between people and their pets through exquisitely unique and meaningful jewellery.

Who we are

Richie Paws combines premium precious metals, gemstones and diamonds with stunningly chic design to create unique jewellery for the most glamorous and classy cats and dogs.

We pride ourselves on crafting high quality, personalised products for pets and unique parent jewellery. Each piece is manufactured using eco-friendly methods and is professionally hand-finished.

Our mission is to celebrate the loving connection we have with our pets. Richie Paws exists to introduce our much-loved furry friends to the luxury they deserve for bringing such happiness to us and our families.

How it all began

Richie Paws started when our founder had a desire to express their love for cavoodle, Penelope, with a gift of fine jewellery even a human would be proud to wear. With Penelope suitably sassy and over-the-moon when adorned, our founder knew other pets and their parents would desire the same prestige. With the seed planted, Richie Paws grew into a collection of functional creations set in timeless beauty.

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Did you know every Richie Paws piece is hand-finished by skilful Australian jewellers?

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