Paw-recious Styling

Our style guide will keep your unique on fleek. Discover your style and how to wear it best.

Stylistic origins

Pick the occasion

– Choose the material –


Our certified 92.5 per cent solid sterling silver pieces will suit any fur/skin colour and collar type or colour. Perfect for any occasion, our silver pieces provide style flexibility. Let them shine bright by themselves or pair them with solid gold pieces to create a truly spectacular look. From modest to bold, silver lets your personality shine while keeping your style on point.


Crafted from nine carat yellow, rose or white gold, Richie Paws solid gold jewellery will steal the show. We recommend attaching your piece to a neat, pastel or neutral-coloured collar to ensure it “pops” and gets the attention it deserves. Remember to consider the colour of your pet’s fur/skin and don’t be afraid to mix metals to make your piece truly unique.

– A personal touch –


Richie Paws is about more than just adding bling to your beloved. It’s creating a statement piece that reflects the value of the bond you share. With our intuitive customisation tool, you can craft the perfect message, which will then be inscribed with expert craftsmanship and accuracy using our specialised engraving process for precious metals.


Complete your pet’s jewellery personalisation with a birthstone charm that celebrates their arrival in this world. Every month is represented by a unique gemstone, and each stone holds different powers and promise. Our handpicked stones are set into a pendant specifically crafted to complement your personalised Richie Paws name pendant or signature diamond pendant.

Super styling tip...

Ditch dull, stay shiny! Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning your Richie Paws jewellery. It’s easy to forget, but if not cleaned regularly, your pieces may lose shine and gather grime. Follow our jewellery care guide to keep your pieces perfect and your look on fleek.

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