Size Guide

– Name pendants  –

Our small pendants are designed to fit all sizes of furry children comfortably.

Our medium and large sizes offer extra personality to your loved one’s glitzy look, but we recommend choosing a pendant appropriate to the physical size of your pet.

Identification considerations

Our pendants are designed to be used as your loved one’s ID or name tag. The larger the piece of jewellery, the bigger the area we can use to personalise it.

For this reason, depending on the level of detail you would like to inscribe, you may need to move up or down a size. Use our intuitive customisation tool to personalise your pendant during the purchase process to help you decide which size will work best.

It’s a personal choice

When shopping our jewellery, sizes and dimensions can be found in the product descriptions. We recommend you measure the width and height of the pendant on paper to help you visualise its size.

Every piece of Richie Paws jewellery is designed to suit all types of furry hero—large, small, canine or feline. Once you have made all necessary considerations, your decision will come down to personal preference.

– Parent jewellery –

All our parent jewellery is size adjustable, and therefore available to order in one size only. All pieces have been designed to fit most pet parents with comfort.


Please refer to the product description when viewing the product for size measurements.

Before you order, we recommend taking your measurements to ensure you are happy with the fit.

The look

All Richie Paws parent jewellery is designed with the option to be worn at different lengths to reflect your unique style (or your mood on the day).

Use the adjustable feature of your piece to complement other jewellery you’re wearing, to suit different occasions or create a more formal look. It’s all about demonstrating your personality.

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Still unsure what size to get? Check each product description for more detail or refer to our helpful style guide.

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